“Monsters Are Coming” In GOTHAM Sneak Peek

GOTHAM preview shows fans how the monsters are coming in Season 2!

Gotham may be the story of young detective Jim Gordon, but it’s really about the baddies. A slew of villains and villains-to-be have already made their mark on the show, and we can expect even more chaos from them in Season 2. Get an early peek at it in the new “Monsters Are Coming” featurette!

The preview catches up with the Season 1 villains and future villains we love including Oswald Cobblepot, Selina Kyle, Jerome Valeska, Edward Nygma, and the ever-devolving Barbara Kean, who may just be a permanent baddie at this point. We also get a solid introduction to Season 2’s tough new baddies, Theo Galavan and his sister, Tabitha Galavan aka Tigress!

It’s good to see some solid evil prowess on the show. Let’s just hope the good guys have enough zest and skill to keep up!


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