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Rick Riordan updated us on some information regarding The Blood of Olympus, the last book of The Heroes of Olympus series, as well as some details about The Lost Hero graphic novel and the Greek Gods book!

The Blood of Olympus is going through its final copy editing and typesetting, then it’s off to the printers. It will be published as scheduled on October 7 in the U.S. and U.K. markets. No information yet on when it will appear in other countries. When in doubt, ask a bookseller in your area. And, no, absolutely no chance it will be published earlier. Proofing, printing, shipping, and distributing several million copies takes a long time.

What can I tell you about the book? It’s roughly the same length as all the other volumes in Heroes of Olympus. Also, don’t believe Internet rumors. It’s very easy for trolls on social media (besides me) to create fake tweets or claim they have “confirmed information,” but I have released no spoilers about what happens to any of the characters, and I won’t release any.  You’ll just have to wait and see what happens. There will be no cliffhangers, meaning no one will be left in imminent danger with no clear way out. But that does not mean you will know every single thing that happens to all the characters for the rest of their lives. I don’t do epilogues. I hate epilogues. It’s like nailing the coffin shut on the story, allowing for no further growth and leaving no room for the readers’ imaginations. Does that mean there could be other stories about demigods down the road? It’s too soon to say, but Blood of Olympus will definitely bring closure to the Heroes of Olympus story arc. I hope you’ll enjoy the conclusion!

He also stated that there will be a complete hardcover boxed set for the whole Heroes of Olympus series, and the graphic novel version of the first book of the series, The Lost Hero, will also be coming out that same day.  That’s a lot to take in!

Remember this scene from The Lost Hero?

He teased a pic of the inside of Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, which comes out August 19th, of course – Percy Jackson’s birthday.

And not only that, but he also confirmed that there will be a North American tour starting on release day as well!

I will be doing a nine-city North American tour for The Blood of Olympus starting on Oct. 7. I should be able to announce the locations soon. Stay tuned. For international fans, sorry, as always. I just don’t have time to do tours in other countries and keep up with my deadlines. It’s more important to me that I get the next book to you on time, and make it as good as possible!

So, there you have it.  You can read the complete article at Myth & Mystery where he talks about some other goodies you’re interested in, like the Norse mythology series he’ll be starting and the Kane/Percy Jackson crossover saga.


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