The Fandom’s Most Anticipated YA Books of 2019

Start your 2019 TBR right with our most anticipated reads!

Congratulations! You’ve pretty much made it through 2018, including the hectic holidays. The new year brings lots of new discoveries, including tons of Young Adult novels you’ll be able to snag for the first time. But where do you start?

We’ve rounded up our staff’s top anticipated reads hitting bookshelves next year to help you figure out your bookish priorities for the year that will be. No matter your favorite genre, there’s something for everyone here. So take a peek at your gift cards and savings then hold on tight, because we’re going to give you lots of inspiration!

Listed by release date.


January 8

McManus came onto our radar with One of Us is Lying, and we were pulled into her ability to keep us guessing. Well, she’s at it again in her newest story, coming very soon! While the first followed a cast of secret-keeping characters, it looks like the newest sticks to one protagonist as she moves in to a town of mystery to live with her grandmother. Her aunt disappeared there as a teenager, another girl murdered five years ago, and now someone is set to bring fear to homecoming. And it seems like everyone in town is guarding some secrets… Going by McManus’s last book, this will not be one to miss.

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KING OF SCARS by Leigh Bardugo

January 29

Ever since the Grisha Trilogy in which we were introduced to Nikolai Lantsov, the prince who would eventually become King of Ravka, you couldn’t help but love this guy, and you couldn’t help but hurt for him after the events of Ruin and Rising. So, to see that we get to know more about what happens to him after that, is just fodder for more reasons to love this pirate king. Are we going to see him find love, something that has eluded him? We sure hope so! And luckily, Leigh doesn’t disappoint when it comes to bringing her world of Ravka to life.

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ON THE COME UP by Angie Thomas

February 5

Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give was so beloved that we’re all dying for her next novel! But more than that, we love the originality that she’s bringing to YA. On The Come Up is a love letter to hip hop that takes place in the same neighborhood as THUG with a new cast of characters. Bri desperately wants to break out and become a famous rapper, but when her mother loses her job and she gains some unflattering notoriety online, her dreams are tested in unexpected ways. We love this edgy, realistic idea of a young black woman who wants the world to see her passions in play and we can’t wait to read it!

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BLOODWITCH by Susan Dennard

February 12

If you are like me, you have been eagerly anticipating the newest chapter in the Witchlands series since Windwitch came out over two years ago. The books are a story of intrigue and excitement and stakes and drama, but it all revolves around the bond that goes beyond friendship between two girls, Safiya and Iseult. Each book focuses on a different character, and this new chapter is about fan favorite Aeduan. Come for the excitement, stay for the love between the characters.

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THE AFTERWARD by E.K. Johnston

February 19

E.K. Johnston has always written great novels, but The Afterward looks like the perfect mixture of ambitious and downright cool. The story has a medieval bent as it follows a desperate Apprentice Knight and a pickpocket after they retrieve a sacred gem that saves the kingdom and brings about a “golden age.” However, golden ages don’t come all that easily and it isn’t long until these two have to face the price or notoriety and their growing feelings for each other. Yes to ALL OF THIS!

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WE SET THE DARK ON FIRE by Tehlor Kay Mejia

February 26

A feminist, Mexican-inspired YA fantasy set at a boarding school? With a Latinx main character and f/f romance? How can you not be excited? This is Tehlor Kay Mejia’s debut novel, and I couldn’t be more excited! The premise sounds absolutely promising, with a girl risking her spot as the Medio School for Girls’ top student and an arranged marriage to possibly spy on a resistance group and a chance at forbidden love. I have heard fantastic things so far from early own-voices readers, which makes this book not one to miss.

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March 5

If you read Children of Blood and Bone, you know how this epic fantasy that comments on race and bigotry began. Book one had us sucked in, thrown around, and dying for more. And with so much changing and up in the air at the end, we can’t even guess what’s to come in book two. But if it’s anything like its predecessor, we know it will be an adventure worth the wait. And if you haven’t read book one yet, what are you waiting for?

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THE EVERLASTING ROSE by Dhonielle Clayton

March 5

The Belles was a mesmerizing smash of a novel filled with equal parts glitz and terror, including one of the most underhanded villains we’ve read in a long time. Now that Camille has escaped the clutches of her old life and realized the horrors that existed behind the shiny veneer, can she take down the most powerful person in the country? We’re so ready to see these characters back in action, to discover more of Clayton’s whimsical world, and to see where it all goes!

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DEFY ME by Tahereh Mafi

April 2

Everyone loves a strong female protagonist, and through the course of four books in the Shatter Me series, readers have been able to actually see someone grow into one. Juliette started out closed and shy, and has grown into a leader that anyone could look up to. When Tahereh Mafi announced that she was going to release a follow up trilogy, I was thrilled, and she hasn’t disappointed. I read the entirety of Restore Me in 24 hours while I was on spring break with six of my friends. That is how much I love these books. They are addictive and thrilling reads that everyone should read.

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AURORA RISING by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

May 7

With The Illuminae Files, Kaufman and Kristoff created a funny, charming, and wildly adventurous sci-fi world with such lovable characters. It was damn near unputdownable. Now they’re back with a story of space academy misfits tasked with saving the world! That’s everything we’ve ever wanted to hear, really! We can’t wait for more action, more chaos, and more quotable moments as this new story explodes on the scene.

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WE HUNT THE FLAME by Hafsah Faizal

May 14

In a fantasy land on the brink of war, a badass female hunter masquerading as a man and a jaded royal assassin battle it out over an ancient artifact that controls the existence of magic. If that premise doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will. It has got our blood thrumming and we’re ready for doses of action, intrigue, and maybe even a little romance as Zafira and Nasir take on the world and each other!

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REMEMBER ME by Chelsea Bobulski

Spring 2019 (no specific date as of now)

I watched The Shining recently for the first time and it went above and beyond from the praises lauded upon it, and Titanic is an absolute classic that everyone can argue about (Jack could have fit on that door, the Mythbusters proved it ya’ll). So, when I read that sentence describing Remember Me as “a cross between The Shining and The Titanic,” I thought the literary gods were smiling on us little mortals. I mean, a mystery-murder occurring on a large ship with no means of escape? Oh my GOD I’m dying over here!

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CHAIN OF GOLD by Cassandra Clare

November 19

We can’t help but love anything that Cassie publishes, and this book is no exception. This time, we hit the Edwardian London time frame and get to meet the offspring of some of our favorite Shadowhunter couples, including those of Will and Tessa Herondale. Of course, even though there’s no offspring of Jem Carstairs in this trilogy, a Carstairs is definitely involved, considering the character gracing the cover of this book is Cordelia Carstairs. We’re in for another heartbreaking journey from the Queen of tears.

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Think we missed one? Be sure to share the books you’re most looking forward to reading in 2019 with us!

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