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Murtagh Trains The Troops In New OUTLANDER Clip

Murtagh jostles the Scottish troops into shape in OUTLANDER peek!

Jamie’s clan motto and the title for tonight’s episode is “Je Suis Prest” aka “I am ready,” but he may be the only one who is ready on this week’s Outlander.

Back in France, Jamie Fraser told Prince Charles that the men of Scotland are simple farmers who were not ready for battle, but his words went unheeded. Now, Jamie’s mission is to turn those farmers into trained soldiers become the rebellion inevitably hits.

In the new clip from tonight’s episode, the ever-loyal Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser is busy training up the new recruits and seeing just how ready they are for battle… which is not ready at all.

How successful with Jamie, Murtagh, and Clan MacKenzie be in shaping up these troops? Hopefully, we’ll see some progress in tonight’s episode, “Je Suis Prest.”


By Kait

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