Neil Burger Reportedly in Talks to Direct “Divergent”

Variety is reporting that Neil Burger, director of films like The Illusionist and Limitless, is in talks to be named Director of Divergent!

Though Summit/Lionsgate already has the young adult market cornered with the Twilight andHunger Games franchises, Summit (which is now owned by Lionsgate) is looking to turn yet another popular YA book series into a feature film franchise.  Variety reports that The Illusionistand Limitless helmer Neil Burger has entered early talks to direct an adaptation of Divergent.
Written by Veronica Roth at the ripe old age of 22, the book has drawn comparisons to theHunger Games series for its similar futuristic setting in which teen-on-teen violence takes place.  Though blatant ripoffs are easy to spot, I’ve actually heard good things about Divergent and the novel—which is the first in a trilogy—is quite popular. 

Read more at Variety!

via Divergent Nation

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