New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Character Posters, Advanced Ticket Sale News

New Batman v Superman character posters feature Lois Lane, Alfred Pennyworth, and Lex Luthor surrounded by falling debris

Looks like Warner Bros. decided to include some of the supporting characters that will be gracing the screen alongside the superheroes Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in these new Batman v Superman character posters.  Each character has a logo that pretty much signifies their character, because, you know, we wouldn’t know otherwise.  Lois Lane (Amy Adams) of course has the Daily Planet logo.  Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons) has the Wayne Industries logo  And Lex Luthor (Jesse Einsenberg) has that big ol’ X for LexCorp, I suppose.  I suppose ‘X’ is cooler than ‘L’?

batman-v-superman-lois-poster-600x886 batman-v-superman-alfred-poster-600x888 batman-v-superman-lex-poster-600x881
It also looks like director Zack Snyder’s Twitter is exploding after this picture of him with Aquaman player Jason Momoa popped up. All the goodies behind them had fans falling into frenetic research and speculation.

All said and done, you can see some interesting tidbits, but I’m not about to play detective on it. There’s still a ways to go and I’d rather wait until we get closer to start getting excited about Justice League. Let’s just see how this movie turns out first, okay?

And it was just announced earlier today that advanced ticket for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will go on sale starting Monday, February 29th!

Suit up. Get advance tickets for #BatmanvSuperman on February 29th.

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