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New Details About Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run At GALAXY’S EDGE Star Wars Park

Get a sneak preview of how you’ll encounter Han Solo’s famous ship at Disney’s upcoming Star Wars theme park, GALAXY’S EDGE.

Entertainment Weekly got a tour of Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, revealing myriad new details about the highly anticipated ride — and stepping aboard this lifelike ship promises to be an experience that us Star Wars fans will love.

When visitors come across the ship in a loading dock alongside the Black Spire Outpost, they’ll notice it’s a little “worse for wear.” Peppered with blaster burns, the Falcon will be tucked back in the mountainside where visitors will pass in order to get inside.

star wars galaxy's edge

Once in the control room, we’ll meet Hondo Ohnaka, an alien smuggler that you may recognize from Star Wars shows. Hondo will be an extremely advanced animatronic (the second most advanced in the entire parks, to be exact!).

You can check out a video that breaks down the process of creating Hondo here:

The ride itself looks to be amazing. Visitors will get plenty of time to roam about the Millennium Falcon cabin once they’re next in line, and the immersive experience only gets more interactive when the mission begins!

Groups will be separated into pilots, gunners, and engineers, and then the mission takes a choose-your-own-adventure kind of format. The actions of the people on the ride will impact how the flight mission goes. Each role has their own “job” on the ride, and if not fulfilled, could result in a crash.

Overall, we can’t wait to get the chance to encounter Galaxy’s Edge
for ourselves. Disney’s attention to detail and production value could really make this experience an emotional one for fans. I don’t know about you, but the thought of roaming around the Falcon’s cabin in real life already makes my heart skip a beat!

Will you be taking a chance at Smuggler’s Run? Check out a clip of the ride here!

(Joshua Sudock/Disney Parks)