New Details On Lauren Oliver’s “Unconventional” YA Novel REPLICA

Lauren Oliver’s REPLICA is “basically three-books-in-one.”

In a world of sometimes predictable YA fiction, Lauren Oliver has always stood out. Now, she’s taking her storytelling to new levels with Replica, her first novel that will be experimental and interactive for the fans.

At its heart, Replica is the futuristic story of Gemma, an average teen, and Lyra, Gemma’s clone created in a lab run by Gemma’s father. The story gets complicated for there because, really, there’s multiple stories to be read within the one novel.

Here’s what Lauren told Publishers Weekly about the format:

“Rather than just telling a story in alternate chapters where one story is really filling in the holes of the other story as they each move forward in time simultaneously, I was interested in writing a book that would be two separate books that could stand on their own and tell a complete story. But then also, if you read them both together, it would be an even deeper [third] story – one that had even more twists and turns, where you could learn about one from another.”

So that’s Gemma’s story, Lyra’s story, and their eye-opening combined story all in one book! Excuse us as we agonize over the best way to read it all for the next several months!

HarperCollins is also promising a very unique cover, also a three-in-one of sorts. In the meantime, they’re offering fans this incredible digital placeholder.


Replica is due out in fall 2016, followed by the sequel, tentatively called Simulation, in fall 2017.

Fans will just their first tastes of Replica in June, when HarperCollins is doing a series of new covers and a re-release for the Delirium trilogy and Delirium Short Stories, all of which will include excerpts from the upcoming novel.

Additionally, Lauren Oliver announced that an enhanced edition of Before I Fall including new content will released to coincide with the film, though a time frame has not officially been announced.

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