New Director Officially Signed to Direct DIVERGENT Sequel INSURGENT

It looks like we now have a new director for the sequel movie to Divergent, Insurgent.  His name is Robert Schwentke.


Summit Entertainment has found its director for Insurgent, the follow-up to the upcoming Divergent that will launch a three-pic series based on Veronica Roth’s sci-fi novels. Robert Schwentke, whose credits include the 2010 action comedy Red that also came from Summit, has been tapped for duty, and he will helm the script currently being written by Akiva Goldsman based on a draft by Brian Duffield.

I’m not sure how this directorial change will affect the sequel as we have yet to see the directorial style of the first one.  However, if I have to compare Neil and Robert according to the movies they previously directed, they both have the possibility to do great things with the source material or destroy it.  But I did enjoy Red, though not as much as I wanted to.



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