New Effie Character Portrait From HUNGER GAMES Photo Book

Prepare for the final film in THE HUNGER GAMES franchise with a stunning Effie character portrait!

To celebrate THE HUNGER GAMES films (and his amazing photography work), Lionsgate chief of marketing Tim Palen is releasing a brand new coffee table book filled with original portraits and never before seen behind-the-scenes images from franchise filming called TIM PALEN: PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE HUNGER GAMES.

We’ve already seen The Sister Portrait from Palen’s collection, which was released as a commemorative print at Cannes Film festival. Now, check out the latest Effie character portrait!


This look at Effie is stunning, though they went a liiiiittle hefty on the facial photoshopping.

TIM PALEN: PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE HUNGER GAMES will be out June 29th. You can pre-order it now.