New FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Teaser Images Show A Family On Edge

If The Walkers aren’t bad enough, prepare for some serious family tension on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD!

The cast and producers behind Fear The Walking Dead have always said that the show is a family drama on top of a suspenseful thriller and it’s definitely showing in new images from the series!

The story follows Travis (Cliff Curtis), an English teacher who just recently left his wife Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez) and began a new life with co-worker Madison (Kim Dickens) and her two teen children. The drastic life change puts Travis at serious odds with both his ex and his son, Christopher (Lorenzo James Henrie), as seen in tense new images relaying the hurt from Cliff’s eyes and his family’s eyes!



Here’s what Executive Producer Dave Erickson said about the family dynamic of the show:

“For us it was a family drama, and then there were zombies. It’s interesting because Robert [Kirkman] has always said that it’s like ‘your parents got divorced, and oh, there were zombies.’ ‘You didn’t get asked to the prom, oh, there were zombies.’ I think that because we start a little bit earlier, we’ve got a little bit more real estate to play with that idea, and build it into something that becomes more and more apocalyptic. As things begin to disintegrate, it’s through the perspective and the lens of our core family, seeing this and trying to wrap their brains around it.”


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