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New GAME OF THRONES Season 5 Promo

Arya Stark is not afraid

Check out the latest for this Game of Thrones season 5 promo, titled “Sinners.”

A man’s voice says this, “Strip away the gold.  The ornaments. Knock down statues.  And this is what remains.”  All the while images of familiar and new faces appear in split second frames, changing faster and faster, until the face of Arya Stark appears, stating “I’m not afraid.”

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We’re sure she isn’t from the determined look on her face.

Just another tease to get us all hyped up.  And we are!

And this one is a bit more ominous

“The past is the past.  The future?  Is all that’s worth discussing.”

Watch this latest Game of Thrones season 5 promo

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