New Hidden Mickey’s In Disney’s ZOOTOPIA

Check out 7 new hidden Mickey’s found in Disney’s Zootopia.

With it’s raging March release this year, Zootopia is set for it’s June 7th Blu-Ray and Digital HD home release. As we previously mentioned the DVD release will have a new feature which includes Disney Easter Eggs and hidden Mickey’s that audiences may not have been able to discover while watching the movie.

As a fan of Disney and Zootopia you may think you have all easter eggs and hidden Mickey’s checked off. However, it may be possible you haven’t found them all. The film’s director’s, Rich Moore and Byron Howard, don’t even know where all of them are!

The director’s mentioned that when a film is passed from script to storyboard theirs an idea between the production crew known as “plussing.”

“Every time it passes to new hands, it should get better and better,” he explained in the same interview. “The Hidden Mickeys, in a way, are sort of an example of that. It’s people who care enough to kind of put a little extra into the scene to make it a bit more fun, or say, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be funny to make these two little elephants dressed as Anna and Elsa from Frozen walking around?’”

Despite not knowing the locations of all the hidden Mickey’s and easter eggs, Rich and Byron were able to reveal the locations of 5 hidden Mickey’s to

One hidden Mickey you can find is on a black spot on Benjamin Clawhauser’s face:


A second can be found as the tip on a pen in the police station bullpen:


How’s that for a reference to one of Disneyland’s famous souvenirs?

For more hidden Mickey’s check out for the revelation pictures.

Don’t forget to purchase your home copy of Zootopia in Blu-Ray or Digital HD Tuesday, June 7th.

Source: Ohmy.disney