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New Hilarious Sketch has GAME OF THRONES’ Melisandre attending a Baby Shower

Seth Meyers brings along another Game of Thrones character to a house party, this time it’s the Red Priestress Melisandre

You’d think that Seth Meyers would know by now, after the dinner party with Jon Snow, there might be some awkwardness among his normal guests and those from Westeros.  But maybe he thought it would be a nice gesture to have Melisandre (Carice Van Houten), a woman who knows a thing or two about giving birth, at a baby shower.  Like, how much harm could she do, right?

Ah yes, there’s nothing like giving birth to a shadow baby, especially when “The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors.”

I would say that maybe Seth has finally learned not to bring other Westerosans to his parties, but honestly, I’d really like to see how his friends would take to someone like Arya Stark, or Ramsay Bolton, or maybe Brienne of Tarth.  Yes, Seth, invite them all!

Source: E! Online

By Kait

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