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New Images for GAME OF THRONES Episode, The Dance of Dragons, Plus the Fate of Jon Snow

Kit Harington talks about the fate of Jon Snow… kinda

In a recent interview to promote his movie, Testament of Youth, Kit Harington didn’t really divulge anything official regarding the fate of Jon Snow, his character in HBO’s Game of Thrones. However, although he did say that we couldn’t count on “Jon Snow being safe, or Tyrion being safe or anyone being safe,” he also did say that he was looking forward to taking a break after doing publicity for his current movie. And he was careful to not say “when” he was going to start filming Game of Thrones again, but rather “if” he was going to start filming.

*Warning: spoilers from the book and potential plot for the series below*

For those of you familiar with the books, you’ll understand why it’s such a complicated situation right now as readers can attest to Jon Snow’s fate being very, very unsure. In the latest book out from A Song of Ice and Fire, A Dance with Dragons, Jon Snow gets repeatedly stabbed by others in the Night’s Watch, although it does not confirm his death, thus part of the many situations to be resolved upon the next book(s).


But much of the series’ storyline has diverged from the book, so who’s to say if Snow is stabbed at all, or if he is, by whom. What is known is that Harington is actually signed on for season 6 and a potential season 7. So, despite what actually happens to Jon Snow, after this season, we may very well see him again. Of what type of state Jon Snow will be in, we know nothing.

For now, we have but only still images of this Sunday’s episode, The Dance of Dragons.

Plus, here’s Kit speaking with MTV’s Josh Horowitz about the “huge-ness” of the final two episodes of Game of Thrones.