New images from The Legend of Mor’Du

Check out these cool new images from the short The Legend of Mor’Du which will be available on the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray  release of Brave on November 13th!

The Legend of Mor’Du is set to bunk up with the Brave Blu-ray and DVD release on Nov. 13. It’s rendered in a more hand-painted, 2D artisan look gleaned from conceptual art and based on tales set forth in Brave. Mor’Du is the demon bear who was once a prince, before a failed attempt to grab power from his brothers transformed him into the terrifying, furry foe. He’s introduced in the movie when he attacks Princess Merida, and his backstory is recounted by the character of Elinor in a pivotal scene. Here he’ll take center stage in all his roaring rage.

Source: blastr