Check Out The Amazing New LUKE CAGE Trailer

‘Sweet Christmas,’ the new LUKE CAGE trailer dropped today and it will make you very happy!

Heavily focused on the story arc of Luke Cage, it showcased a ton of new footage. Highlights include a good time spent with the main villain, Diamondback, and a ton of gritty fight scenes. Rosario Dawson, the largest link between the three Marvel/Netflix shows, starts off the new Luke Cage trailer.This will also be one of the first Netflix shows to have a predominantly African American cast.

Producer Cheo Coker told the Hollywood Reporter, “When you look at black culture, it’s important to have positive images. It’s an overwhelming task to carry this on your shoulders. We have no agenda, but I hope that the black community can feel good about it as well.” However, he promised Luke Cage is a show for everyone. “You can come in as a comic book geek, you can come in as a hip-hop geek, sports, anything.”

Check out the new trailer below.

Luke Cage debuts September 30th, 2016.