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Fox has reportedly found a NEW MUTANTS team member in breakout actor Charlie Heaton!

Fox’s new X-Men universe film has found its third lead in a rising star from Stranger Things!

Charlie Heaton, who plays outcast Jonathan Byers on the hit Netflix show, is in final negotiations to join New Mutants, which is being hyped is a horror-thriller take on the comics world featuring lesser-known young adult characters.

Heaton will play Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball, a mutant from rural Kentucky who can fly at jet speeds and hold an impenetrable force field around himself while doing so, according to THR.

THR also reports that Rosario Dawson is in talks to play a mentor character to the five teen stars– a doctor who can create force fields of her own. After carving a path as Claire Temple in the Marvel-Netflix universe, the actress is working toward even more superhero franchises, and we don’t hate it!

Heaton (and possibly Dawson) join Anya Taylor-Joy, who will play Ilyana Rasputin aka the sorceress Magik, and Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane, a Scottish teen whose werewolf powers don’t easily reconcile with her faith.

New Mutants is still on the hunt for the two remaining members of the team: Danielle Moonstar, a Native American woman with telepathy and the ability to manipulate energy, and Sunspot, a South American man with super strength who can absorb and re-channel solar power into concussive blasts.

New Mutants is expected out on April 13, 2018.

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