New Photo Round-Up From The SHADOWHUNTERS Set

As ABC Family’s SHADOWHUNTERS wraps episode 2 and begins shooting episode 3, check out our photo round-up!

If there’s one thing we really love about the Shadowhunters cast and crew, it’s that they’re not at all camera shy! Shooting for the pilot episode brought on a slew of photos featuring Pandemonium and the Institute and we got a few really great shots of the City of Bones itself in episode 2 photos. Now, we’ve got a photo round-up from episode 2 and graveyard training sessions with Clary and Jace that will be featured in episode 3!

Real training sessions were also underway for Matthew Daddario, who’s learning his way around a bow and arrow for a big fight sequence!

Want even more of the cast? Here’s some adorable sorts of them hanging out in between filming:

SHADOWHUNTERS is set to premiere in January 2016.

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