New Poster For THE FLASH Filled With Next Season’s Easter Eggs

If you’re a fan of THE FLASH, you’ll be thrilled to know that this season’s latest poster is hinting heavily at possibilities of what’s to come and Screenrant broke them all down!

First, check out the original image.

Now, check out the Easter Egg version!

We took the liberty of highlighting the clearest easter eggs (and a few well-hidden ones) in the full size image below. There may be more contained within, but for now, the logo of Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and his tech company can be seen along with a Big Belly Burger sign, graffiti promising that “Grodd Lives,” S.T.A.R. Labs, Kord Industries, and perhaps most suspiciously, AmerTek.

With Gorilla Grodd already teased in the Flash pilot, it’s no surprise to see another cryptic message contained here. The same goes for S.T.A.R. Labs – the facility that will help Barry Allen come to grips with his new abilities – and Kord Industries, the company run by billionaire (and superhero ‘Blue Beetle’) Ted Kord. It’s expected that Kord will appear in one of the two CW shows before long, having his company teased already in Arrow, and reports claiming a man of Ted Kord’s description is set to join The Flash‘s cast.

If one easter egg is worth special attention, it’s the presence of a nod to AmerTek, a military weapons manufacturer. The presence of a military industrial firm isn’t a total shock (since fans know to expect a military presence), but the company is also a key player in the origin story of John Henry Irons, better known to comic – and Shaquille O’Neal fans – as ‘Steel.’

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