CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR Promo Art Shows Division of the Avengers

With the release of Captain America Civil War approaching, Andy Park and Ryan Meinerding, concept artists at Marvel, have posted some art teasing the upcoming movie. Judging from the photo, it’s clear that this will be more than just a movie starring Captain America. All the Avengers will have a roll to play, whether it’s in support of Captain America to not have a registration act for superheroes, or in support of Iron Man to have the government control the actions of crime-stoppers. This makes me wonder, which side is everyone on? What is the right side? Is there even a right side?

Iron Studios even posted on Facebook some more concept art (shown below), as well as an announcement that they are making “1/10 Art Scale and 1/4 Legacy Replica Statues”. The products are currently in pre-production!

The movie itself is currently undergoing testing and reshoots, with test audiences reportedly loving what is being shown. The anticipation is building the closer the release date gets, and we’re about three months away from it!

Captain America Civil War hits theaters on May 6th 2016 (USA)!

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