New Set Photos: Dauntless Tris and Natalie Prior in Action

Thanks to those at the Divergent Fans website, brand new photos are available for our viewing pleasure! First up, of a tattooed Tris possibly training for Dauntless tasks/Tris running through the same field as her mom, and Natalie Prior wielding a gun in Abnegation garb.

Let’s take a look at Ashley Judd dressed as Natalie Prior first. *WARNING: These photos depict something that happens near the end of “Divergent,” so if you haven’t read it yet now is your chance to slowly back away!*

Now, let’s take a look at post-initiation Tris. She has her signature tattoo, and seems to be in the same field as her mom. Tris either seems to either be filming one of the final action scenes from the book with her mom, or is filming the only other scene where she is outside in the daylight in the grass at the Amity sector.



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