New SHADOWHUNTERS episode photos released 

Shadowhunters episode photos give us more of Kat McNamara

These newly released Shadowhunters episode photos may have been seen already, but these have better clarity and it gives us more of Katherine McNamara and her fiery red hair. And Clary Fray with fiery red hair is what fans love to see. Well, I guess there’s that other character named Jace played by Dominic Sherwood that a few others might’ve taken an interest in.

But we can’t forget that Alberto Rosende‘s Simon Lewis isn’t as much a part of the show as everyone else, and we get a couple of photos of him with Clary, too.  We also get a good look at Clary’s mother, Jocelyn Fray, played by Maxim Roy.  And no one can’t argue with another one of Harry Shum, Jr.‘s Magnus Bane.

Shadowhunters episode photos - Dominic Sherwood as Jace Wayland

Shadowhunters episode photos - Alberto Rosende as Simon Lewis

Shadowhunters episode photos - Harry Shum, Jr. as Magnus Bane


Shadowhunters will premiere on Freeform (Formerly ABC Family) on Tuesday, January 12, 2016.

Source: Variety

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