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New SHADOWHUNTERS featurette has cast explaining the show’s premise

New scenes added in this latest Shadowhunters featurette where the cast explains the show’s premise

We get a new Shadowhunters featurette, and this one about the show’s premise includes some new scenes that include more footage of Clary’s mom Jocelyn Fray (Maxim Roy), Dot aka Madame Dorothea (Vanessa Matsui), and a bit of Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) & Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) banter.

I think I especially like Matthew Daddario‘s description of the series

“You got sexy people, you got scary people, you got sexy things that happen, you got scary thing that happen, you got drama, you got action, it’s very fun.”  Later on, he adds, “It’s all very magical.”

Sexy and scary!  Although any fan would probably agree about its sexiness and scariness, they would probably also say there’s more to it than that.  Alberto said it best:

“At the end of the day, it’s not really about the thing that makes these characters supernatural, it’s about the thing that makes these characters human.”

The Shadowhunters cast desribe the show's premise

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