New SUICIDE SQUAD Movie Poster Shows A Sweet and Fluffy Side

New SUICIDE SQUAD movie poster transforms the members into Marshmallows!

You heard that right! The new Suicide Squad movie poster transforms the members of the infamous group into marshmallow cereal and it’s what we’ve been waiting for! Previous movie posters have had their fair share of wacky and eccentric ideals, but this one has to take the cake.

The infamous heroes are portrayed in a kaleidoscopic bowl of cereal, possibly inspired by Lucky Charms. Though the bowl looks tasty, I don’t think suicide squad flavor would be favorable. Imagine a Deadshot-Harley Quinn-Joker flavored marshmallow cereal? Eww, no one would buy it. (Maybe?)

Can you spot the heroes in the sickeningly sweet movie poster below?

Suicide Squad movie poster

Being on the same level as its tag line, it would be awesome to have a Suicide Squad inspired cereal. #WeNeedThemBad

Suicide Squad premieres August 5th.

Source: EW