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New SUPERNATURAL Season 14 Promo Pics Released

What’s the best way to celebrate SUPERNATURAL‘s 13th anniversary? Getting a preview of season 14!

Entertainment Weekly, a champion for the SPN Family, gave fans a sneak-peek at what’s to come in the season 14 premiere of Supernatural.

At the end of season 13, viewers were hit with the giant cliffhanger of Michael (Jensen Ackles) taking control over his new vessel, Dean. But Michael wasn’t the only angel we were left wondering about. Sister Jo/Anael’s (Danneel Ackles) fate was still up in the air. Fortunately, we now know she’ll not only be back on the show, but she’ll be sharing scenes with Michael!

Sister Jo/Anael (Danneel Ackles) having a chat with Michael (Jensen Ackles)

Michael, fresh out of Apocalypse World, now has his sights on our world. And what, in his mind, would make this a better place? Eighty-sixing the humans. Showrunner Andrew Dabb states, “Michael looks around and sees this very flawed creation. He sees a way to start over. Basically, he wants to make a better world.” 

Exterminating humans may not be so easy, however. With only a few angels left in existence, who could Michael get to help him? According to Ackles, “[Michael]’s taking a moment to assess the landscape. How useful are these angels; are they worth saving or teaming up with?”

In the meantime, Sam and Castiel are in “Save Dean” mode. The stress of trying to get their brother/friend back is clearly taking its toll. “Sam’s not worried about sleeping or eating or shaving,” Jared Padalecki explains. “He’s trying to figure out what happens with different people’s vessels and different angels.”

Castiel (Misha Collins) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) looking worse-for-wear

Will Michael be successful? Will Sam and Castiel?

Tune into the season 14 premiere of Supernatural on Thursday, October 11th at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: The CW on Twitter

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