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Will Lightning Strike Twice This Fall? [New THE FLASH Photos, Poster]

Family affair or family drama? We’re about to find out this fall. 

The Flash has always been a family oriented show and The CW wasted no time in teasing us with the new family dynamic we’ll be seeing in this new seasonWe pick up where we left off last season in the middle of Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cecille’s (Danielle Nicolet) baby shower with a surprise arrival from the future.


In true father-daughter fashion, Barry’s daughter, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) seems thrilled to have successfully time traveled but history’s shown us that meddling with time is never good. So what does her arrival mean for the rest of Team Flash? Remember what she said before our TV screens went to black?

What mistake did she make? Is The Thinker still around?

Fingers crossed we’ll get our answers soon. In these newly released photos, we see the aftermath of Nora’s unexpected arrival and Team Flash battling the ‘villain of the week’. While everyone on Team Flash is still confused and wary of the young girl’s presence, Nora seems like she’s having way too much fun. Hopefully, she didn’t inherit her father’s penchant for recklessly jumping into action without considering potential consequences. Then again, given Team Flash just can’t seem to catch a break, she probably has. Hopefully she won’t need to create her own Flashpoint to learn a valuable lesson!


Guess we’ll just have to wait until next month to find out.

Season 5 premieres on Tuesday, October 9, on The CW.

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