New Trailer For THE DUFF Snarkily Explains The Complexities Of The Stereotype

Entertainment Weekly has the latest trailer for THE DUFF, the movie adaptation of Kody Keplinger’s popular YA book!

While the first trailer for the film left fans baffled as to how anyone could consider Mae Whitman fat or ugly, this trailer explains how The DUFF, “designated ugly fat friend”, stereotype is more complex than it’s acronym would suggest.

the duff yahoo trailer

While we’re still not totally sure about the movie-made Madison character, this trailer has a much more fun, sarcastic vibe that’s closer to MEAN GIRLS or EASY A and makes us feel more at ease with the film than the first trailer did!

The trailer will be making its television debut tonight during the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Christmas special with star Ashley Benson sharing some DUFF love on Twitter during the show!