Newcomer Ross Marquand Added to Cast of THE WALKING DEAD

Ross Marquand has been added to the cast of The Walking Dead for the second half of this season.  According to AceShowBiz, he has been signed on as a series regular.

His character hasn’t been officially announced yet, but The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman did say last year that the show was going to introduce a “very prominent gay character from the comics.” For the readers, that meant either Paul “Jesus” Monroe, or Aaron.

The character of Aaron is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and he meets Rick and the group as they travel on their way to Washington D.C. and invites them to join Alexandria.

Paul Monroe, also known as Jesus, is a resident of the Hilltop Colony.

It’s like, if you go by the characters’ appearances in the comics, that Marquand will be playing Aaron.  But heck, he might even play Aaron’s boyfriend, Eric.

Ross Marquand had his breakout role in 2009’s A Lonely Place for Dying, which starred James Cromwell and Michael Wincott.  He’s appeared on Mad Men and, being a big voice impressionist, was the voice of Han Solo in an episode of Disney’s animated series Phineas and Ferb.   You can see him in the 2014 dramedy romance film Sam & Amira, which co-stars The Vampire Diaries‘ Paul Wesley.

Ross Marquand to join cast of The Walking Dead

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