Newly Released Behind The Scenes Footage From STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE

STAR WARS’ original trilogy is in the spotlight once again.

There may be new films coming to the STAR WARS franchise in December 2015, but YouTuber Eyes on Cinema is taking us back to STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE with rare behind-the-scenes footage in the meantime!

Nearly six minutes of deleted scenes show the cast and crew in the deserts of Northern Africa filming Tatooine scenes. In part of the video, young George Lucas and cinematographer Gilbert Taylor discuss a later deleted scene in which Luke Skywalker and his friends visit the Tatooine settlement of Anchorhead. The other section shows the crew operating the WED-15 repair droid, one of many robotics that malfunctioned constantly in the desert air (including R2-D2 himself!) Funnily enough, similar problems occurred on the set of 2002’s STAR WARS: ATTACK OF THE CLONES.


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