ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Defends Nickelback, Introduces Charity Initiative

ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL gets feisty about Nickelback in a new promo!

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool are one and the same, so it’s no surprise that The Merc With The Mouth is a defender of all things Canadian.

In the latest promo for Once Upon A Deadpool, the PG-13 re-release of Deadpool 2, the character and Fred Savage (who’s being held against his will on The Princess Bride set in new footage) are bantering when Savage makes a Nickelback joke. This prompts Deadpool to rain down some Nickelback facts and put Fred in his place.

Naturally, it all turns into a singalong.

“And a partridge in a f*cking pear tree.”

At the end of the video, we also get a glimpse at the new charitable initiative that 20th Century Fox hopes will help get butts in seats: For every movie ticket sold between December 12th and December 24th, $1 will be donated to F*ck Cancer, a charity that offers cancer prevention, detection, and support services.

Once Upon A Deadpool heads to theaters tomorrow, December 12, 2018.

By Kait

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