No SHADOWHUNTERS for San Diego Comic-Con

There will be no Shadowhunters going to San Diego Comic-Con, which is unfortunate, but understandable.

Despite the popularity of The Mortal Instruments series, the books in which the TV show Shadowhunters is based on, it looks like the Freeform series will not be making an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  Sorry Comic-Coners, no Shadowhunters!

The cast didn’t attend last year, but that was well before it was scheduled to makes it debut in January.  But now that the first season has aired and it has a decent following, mostly from those who are fans of Cassandra Clare’s books, enough so that it’s garnered 3 Teen Choice Awards, it would’ve been nice to have them at the big convention.

However, it most likely is not going to happen.  Jeffrey Schechter, the executive producer for Freeform’s sci-fi show Stitchers, tweeted this out about his show:

Though Jeffrey is not involved with Shadowhunters, both shows often appear together and promote together in these sorts of events.  Plus, according to SDCC’s Unofficial Blogsite, a rep from Freeform confirmed this story as well :

“We will not be bringing Shadowhunters to SD Comic Con this year as they will be in production up in Toronto at that time,” a representative of Freeform told us.

So, yeah, it’s a bummer for those hoping to see the cast at SDCC, however, we can’t argue the fact actually filming the episodes are more important.  For now, don’t worry about SDCC, and go and vote for Shadowhunters on the Teen Choice Awards site! 


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