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NYCC 2019: RIVERDALE Roundtable with Marisol Nichols

As soon as we sat down with Marisol Nichols at New York Comic Con during the Riverdale roundtable, we wanted to know exactly how Hermione was doing. After all, at the end of season three, our favorite conniving badass of a lady wound up in jail. According to Nichols, her prison life is not as glamorous as her husband’s.

“Hermione is broken in prison, she’s humbled in prison and she hates every bit of it.”

Now that we’re a few episodes into the new season, let’s talk about that steamy scene between Hermione and Hiram.

While Nichols certainly agrees that that scene’s been a long time coming, she’s also quick to point out that it just goes to show us how “ridiculously addictive, toxic, and lustful their relationship is” and up until now we’ve been trying to figure out why they keep doing this to each other. With that scene, we definitely got a glimpse into their complicated relationship.

So naturally that begged the question: What is her relationship with her co-star in real life?

Nichols chuckled to herself, describing her co-star Mark Consuelos as mischievous, stable and juvenile. When we asked her to expand upon her answer, she had this to say:

Well, I say stable because from what I’ve observed of him in real life, he’s an amazing father, an amazing guy, total pro, and just an overall great guy. On set though, particularly with me, you know the kid in the classroom who would snap your bra? Yeah, that’s Mark. He’s constantly pulling pranks and that’s why I say he’s juvenile.

Juvenile as he may be, when it comes to acting, Consuelos totally knocks it out of the park. When we asked what filming that specific love scene was like, Nichols told us that the most challenging part came in trying to figure out how to make it as good as they wanted.

I think there’s a point where I slap him, he chokes me, it’s great!

You can watch this scene below or during the first episode of Riverdale’s newest episode. The show is now currently airing on CW Wednesdays 8/7c.

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