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NYCC 2019: RIVERDALE Roundtable with Mark Consuelos

During the Riverdale New York Comic Con press room, we got lucky enough to sit down with Hiram Lodge himself aka Mark Consuelos and ask him all our burning questions.

Okay– Really we just wanted to know why Hiram Lodge is the way he is and what crazy, sociopathic things he was going to try and do this upcoming season.

For Consuelos, the reasoning behind Hiram’s crazy antics mainly came from a feeling of inferiority and he promised us that fans will see this unfold in season four.

In between working out and putting in time in his “cushy white-collar say college entrance exam scandal type of jail”, Hiram is forced to reflect on his former choices and make some important future decisions with regards to his relationships with his daughter and Archie Andrews.

As we learn in the season four premiere, Hiram pays for Fred’s funeral. So despite having a complicated relationship with the boy, Consuelos truly believes that deep down, Hiram Lodge really does like Archie.

He’s kind of like the son he’s never had, because until then Veronica was the son he’s never had. But Archie is a major threat to Hiram because he has the heart of his daughter. And he [Hiram] hasn’t had to share that with anyone before.

But only time will tell us what Hiram Lodge decides to do. For now, we decided to dive more into some lighter questions.

For one: how would Consuelos describe his co-star Marisol Nichols?

I would say, she’s very very smart, extremely funny, and generous. Of course she’s beautiful but that goes without saying.

And the most important question before we said goodbye went to junk food.

Ok, you ready for this? It starts with the bread. It’s usually a ciabatta bread and it has to be doughy, like really soft. Slice that in half and then slice those in half. Then I take one half and put a lot of peanut butter on it. And then I take the other half and put strawberry jelly, the French kind, you know the ones with the white stripes? Yeah, then I put that together and put in the panini press. I make it really warm. And I have that once a week.

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