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NYCC 2019: RIVERDALE Roundtable with Molly Ringwald

In the absence of Luke Perry‘s sudden passing, the Riverdale writers had the challenging task of now finding a way to fill the void.

Cue Mary Andrews.

When we sat down with Molly Ringwald during the New York Comic Con round table, we wanted to know how Mary’s entrance will shake up Riverdale. Or will it?

Without much to work off of, Ringwald admitted that she was still figuring out her character, who she is, what makes her tick, and inevitably where she fits in in terms of the Riverdale story.

I’m still figuring Mary out. Because in terms of all of the parents, she was suppose to be the good mother and yet she left her kid behind. And for me, those two things never really quite went together, so it’s been interesting to hear her side a little bit more.

But as a mother herself, Ringwald shares that figuring that part of her character out was not hard at all. For her, being maternal is a natural instinct and she doesn’t believe that one necessarily has to be a mother to play a mother. Now that she’s back in town though, there’s no chance Mary will be able to keep clear from the Riverdale drama. We can definitely confirm that she will inevitably dive deep into the drama despite having kept herself out of the mess for this long.

Right now though, Ringwald tells us that Mary’s current focus is to “figure out how to fill that spot that Fred had occupied in Archie’s life”.

Because both Luke and KJ and Archie and Fred has had such a tight relationship, it’s been more about filling that more than anything else. Archie himself has been the moral center of the show but Fred was his north star.

Riverdale is now airing on CW and the CW App Wednesdays 8/7c

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