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NYCC 2019: RIVERDALE Roundtable with Mädchen Amick

Is redemption possible on Riverdale? Well, if anyone was due a redemption arc, it was most certainly Mädchen Amick‘s character, Alice Cooper.

We sat down with Mädchen Amick at New York Comic Con to discuss what season four will bring Alice, now that her undercover role is blown.

According to Amick, this season will be all about healing old wounds and mending broken relationships. In particular, with her children.

Amick teases that in episode eight, a counselor comes into the school to counsel a lot of the kids. However, these counseling sessions wind up becoming a counseling session between the kids and their parents.

There’s a really good Alice and Betty moment… they need to work through a lot of history there. But it’s nice because we get to confront a lot of of things from the past.

So there’s hope for Alice and Betty’s relationship! Another relationship that’s on the mend– or rather, intensifying– is the one between Alice Cooper and FP Jones. Amick promises that season four will dive more into this particular relationship and that there will be ‘some good stuff’.

For right now, Alice Cooper’s back to full-on reporting and Mädchen Amick herself is currently producing two shows while also filming Riverdale. And a fun little tease for Amick fans: she’ll be directing episode nineteen. So keep a look out for her directorial debut!

Riverdale is now airing on CW and the CW App Wednesdays 8/7c.

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