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NYCC 2019: ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO Stars Jeanine Mason & Nathan Parsons Talk Season 2 Secrets

Dare I say it, but sitting down with the Roswell, New Mexico cast was one of my New York Comic Con highlights!

Case in point: When we asked Jeanine Mason (Liz) and Nathan Parsons (Max) how they felt when they read the script for season two, episode one, Mason point blank said: “Shit. They’re committing to this.”

Yes Mason, we hear you and we’re not sure if we’re ready for what you and your co-stars teased us with!

While we may not know how exactly to prepare ourselves, we do know that season two will pick up right where season one left off. That is, right after Max’s gut-wrenching death and the sudden reappearance of Liz’s once-upon-a-time-dead-but-now-very-much alive older sister.

When asked about how this sudden development will effect our main characters, Mason said that the sudden reappearance of her older sister will be huge for Liz.

The absence had been so huge for Liz. More than ten years worth of pain and destruction. So just her [Rosa] being there is what’s helping her stay on task and stay like halfway okay to do the impossible, which is to bring Max back.

Jeanine Mason

Parsons, on the other hand, doesn’t really mind being dead. According to the CW veteran, it’s been a breath of fresh air to not know what’s happening in season two and to just go with it and embrace the journey. Mason jokingly added that her co-star is now fully employed by the grips. (For anyone not familiar with the film production lingo, grips are those who build and maintain the equipment used by the camera and lighting team.)

But all jokes aside, Parsons further explained that “being dead” has allowed him the luxury to explore and play with his character in a lot of different and interesting ways. Meanwhile, Parsons added, his co-stars are “alternating between being 100% focused on doing something completely impossible and crying in the shower.”

When you lose someone, you revisit moments like “Oh man, remember that time when…” and we get to go back and play with those. and so I get to come in and play all these weird different little ages and versions.

Yeah, I really don’t mind being dead at all.

Nathan Parsons

As the interview delved more into the storyline for this upcoming season, we learned, or more rather, confirmed, that just because Rosa’s back does not mean things between the two sisters are smooth sailing by any means.

We also learned that, with a common goal between them, we’ll get to see more Liz and Michael scenes as they work together to try and bring Max back.

Seeing two geniuses put aside their differences to work together?

What’s not to love?!

And Rosa? Well… according to Mason, she’ll start causing trouble for her younger sister and we’ll get to see that play out on screen as well. Safe to say that things aren’t going to be rosy in Roswell anytime soon.

Ok, I admit, that was a pun fail. So I’ll just leave you with this last quote. While there’s no premiere date yet for season 2, it will be part of The CW’s mid-season lineup.

But that’s [Mason talking about season one’s final scene] why you sign up for this kind of show. Because you get to do that kind of acting where the ‘what if’s’ are so big and the stakes are so high.

Jeanine Mason

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