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NYCC 2019: ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO’s Lily Cowles Shares the Difficulty Of Acting Out Season 2’s Dark Scenes

So how is our beloved badass alien doing? Apparently not well. When we sat down with Roswell, New Mexico actress Lily Cowles during New York Comic Con, we wanted to know just how dark this upcoming season was going to get for our dear Isobel.

According to Cowles, Isobel’s story this upcoming season will be very much one of survival. Picking up immediately after season one’s finale, Isobel doesn’t get much time to grieve and process everything. This, unfortunately, means that she will have to swallow her ego and reach out for some outside support.

Isobel’s in for it this season, man[…] I don’t think she’s had a lot of female friendships before. This season is going to afford Isobel the opportunity. I mean, it’s a necessity now. She doesn’t have a choice. She needs to find help and support, so yeah, I think yeah, there is going to be a reaching out.

It’s clear from all of our interviews with Cowles’ co-stars that this season will be a lot darker than the former was. While acting darker scenes can be a fun and new challenge, it can also effect an actor’s psyche. So we were curious what Cowles’ methods to “leave work at work” were.

Cowles shared with us a technique known as cross-hemisphere tapping where you cross your arms across your body and gently tap each side. Tapping is a method to help the body relax and release possible tension and for Cowles, this helps her get into the deep dark space required for her scenes. Though, of course having such a supportive cast and crew doesn’t hurt either.

I’m so lucky because the crew, the writers, and the producers are all so supportive and careful with us. They definitely take really good care of us to make sure we’re okay.

Ultimately, it sounds like season two is packed. Although we don’t yet have an air date, we know it will stay as a CW mid-season show. And according to Cowles, her character’s story arc this season will very much be about empowerment.

Her [Isobel’s] storyline this season has really been about empowerment: a female who’s been so victimized and now has to completely start from square one, go step by step and get back to strength in a totally new way.

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