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NYCC 2019: ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO’s Tyler Blackburn Teases Alex’s Journey in Season 2

Tyler Blackburn may not be a fortune teller, but even before Malex became a fan favorite, Blackburn knew this relationship was something special.

Sadly though, the Roswell, New Mexico season one finale saw Malex heading into dangerous waters and we just had to know what this meant for his character come season two.

It’s like, let’s get back to basics, strip it down, and get rid of all the bullshit and be like, can we even just be friends? You know what I mean?

Heartbreaking, but pretty realistic.

And of course, what’s a good CW show without relationship drama? We managed to squeeze some teases about possible new love interests out of both Blackburn and his co-star, Michael Vlamis.

For Blackburn, it comes in the form of a guy with blue hair. That’s right. Rumor has it that Alex’s new love interest will have blue hair.

He’s basically somebody who isn’t from Roswell, but somebody who recently moved to Roswell. And his whole vibe shakes up the normal Roswell. He’s just edgier than most people in Roswell and for Alex, it just reminds him of how he was in High School. So he’s kind of like, ‘Oh maybe this guy can help me kind of get out of my shell a little bit more’.

There’s no air date yet announced for season two but since the cast is currently filming, we can expect to see a season premiere early next year, similar to the first season.

Until then, what we know is only from our our beloved cast has shared with the media. Thankfully, Blackburn wasn’t exactly tight-lipped during our interview at New York Comic Con.

So here’s what we can expect from season two Alex:

  • He will be far more aggressive and assertive
  • He is no longer afraid to stand up to his father
  • He ultimately decides to stay in the Air Force
  • He uses his position in the Air Force to get information on the government’s relationship with the aliens

Essentially, Alex is “a bit of a dick” this season, according to Blackburn. He likes to start fights. He also starts to uncover the government’s dark secrets with regards to how these aliens were treated, and this discovery is ultimately what fuels him this season.

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