NYCC 2019: Roundtable with WONDER WOMAN: BLOODLINES Baddie Marie Avgeropoulos

When we sat down with Marie Avgeropoulos during New York Comic Con 2019, it was a day of firsts. The first day fans saw Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, but also the first time most of the cast and creative team met in person. Because, well, proximity isn’t all that important when it comes to voicing an animated character.

So what was this like for Avgeropoulos, a first time voice actor? Actually, when we asked her this question, she said that voice acting felt very freeing and that fans are going to freak out about the movie– in a good way.

I didn’t realize how popular she was in the comic book world until I started researching to prepare. It required some hot water and lemon, make that a double with some honey and lozenges, but it sounds great. The audience is going to love it.

When it came to finding the right voice for Silver Swan, Avgeropoulos said that it was a challenge because before she did all of transformations, she had to first transform her voice to play all of these different ages.

For finding her right voice, eventually as she starts to get more evil her voice starts to get deeper and deeper and deeper and then she’s growling. So it was a journey. You’ll see.

Watch the full interview at the top of the post. It’s rickety for a few seconds in the beginning– sorry about that!

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is now out on Blu-Ray and HD. Check it out via Amazon!

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