NYCC 2019: Roundtable with WONDER WOMAN: BLOODLINES Star Rosario Dawson

You may know her from Rent or you may know her from Daredevil and The Defenders. Wherever you know her, Rosario Dawson has quite the resume. And now she’s added another accolade to the list.

Wonder Woman.

Dawson joined the New York Comic Con press roundtables to discuss this exciting project and share her passion for the comic book world. Growing up surrounded by comic book fans, Dawson credits her uncle for being the one to get her into this world, although her grandma did have some of the very first original comic books.

The power of the comic world has been something really tremendous in my family. And to see it on the ground, really, and how big these cons have gotten […] it’s just one of those reminders that I’m doing the right thing and I’m on the right path.

When asked what fans can expect from this new Wonder Woman movie, Dawson candidly shared that this new version will bring out the nuances on what could happen even despite one’s intention to do good.

In a modern way, we really explore what does that really mean when your mere presence […] creates conflict and tension. And then how do you grapple and deal with that? When you’re still trying to do good but negative things still come out of it.

She further explains why certain stories never die even with all of the remakes and spin-offs, suggesting that these different reiterations are changed and influenced by different outlooks illustrative of its time.

What specifically attracted Dawson to Wonder Woman, though, was the fact that this so-called superhero was not perfect.

Wonder Woman will kill. I’ve always found it so fascinating in contrast of some of the other superheroes. Like Superman wouldn’t, he was a goody-two shoes. You know, anything can happen in Wonder Woman, kind of unlike some of the other ones that I was exposed to growing up.

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