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NYCC Interview: Roundtable with Akiva Goldsman from TITANS

Creator Akiva Goldsman explains why he wanted to be a part of producing DC’s TITANS.

As much as one can enjoy interviewing famous actors and actresses, it’s also really fun speaking with the executive producers and writers. When we sat down with executive producer Akiva Goldsman, we wanted to hear just what inspired Titans and what factors influenced the way they decided to layout the show.

Well we knew that really the first season would be what you’d consider the origin episode. So we knew that the team wasn’t going to really be a team until the end of the season. So it’s not like we pick up a Titan every weekend and you know heh heh!! […] We’re trying to treat these things realistically, so the optimum goal was to do that over the course of the season

So naturally we wanted to know why Raven? Why choose her to be the string between each character and the thing that essentially will bring the team together.

Well, you have this little boy who’s taken in and essentially weaponized which is going cause real horrible psychological consequences. So he’s going to have to heal and in order to heal, he’s ultimately going to have to do someone else what Bruce did for him so she’s his wound.

When we brought up the feedback from critics that this show is incredibly far darker and grittier than any other Teen Titans adaptation we have seen so far, Goldsman chuckled and reminded us that we’ve really only seen the first act.

If we’re talking about a feature, you would have seen the whole feature and you’d be like oh those people aren’t real. But you’ve only seen the first act and the first act is always dark because that’s where shit hits the fan. That’s the problem! The first act is the problem and then you fix it. But if there’s nothing broken then there’s nothing to fix.

Titans is now available on the DC Universe Streaming Service.


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