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NYCC Interview: Roundtable with Teagan Croft from TITANS

Teagan Croft teases us with what to expect from the Raven in TITANS.

Despite being only fourteen years old, Teagan Croft is quickly garnering attention after DC named her as their Raven. So when she sat down with us to talk more about the new DC show, we just had to start by asking her what she loved most about playing Raven.

Check out her full interview at the top of the post and check out a bit of what she had to say below!

Playing the normal Rachel really is a lot of fun and as an actor I really like to get into my emotions and get to find different parts of myself that I didn’t know about before. So being this person that’s so different to me like in personality and in the way she speaks was also really fun.

What a sweet response! When asked whether it was difficult to switch between playing Rachel and Raven, Croft responded with a definitive no. She shared how much fun actually switching between the two different characters and even smiled a little as she remembered just how much she enjoyed playing evil. To help in her preparation, though it seemed that she really didn’t need it, Croft went with her father to a local comics book store to gather some research materials.

So I had all of these different sources to pull from and from that i pick and chose what I thought was really great about the character and what was in the script. And from that I think I created a really authentic and real but also going in a new direction.


It’s no secret that Raven is the string that connects all of the Teen Titans and that her relationship with each Teen Titans member is incredibly unique and different from the others. So we were curious to hear what Raven herself had to say about her character’s dynamic with Robin, Starfire, and of course, Beast Boy.

That’s like picking a favorite parent between all three of them. Well actually, I thought that every other character from the Teen Titans brought something new to Rachel. Dick Grayson brought a father’s love that she’s never felt before [….] Starfire on the other hand brought her confidence and fire that she hadn’t felt before either […] And Beast Boy of course in my opinion is the only type who can really make her happy.

I had a lovely time speaking with Teagan Croft and couldn’t help but end our time together with a fun little question. And her response may not have been quite what you were expecting.

“If you could fight alongside any of the Teen Titans, who would you choose?” Oh Starfire!! Hands down!!

Titans is now available on the DC Universe Streaming Service.

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