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Watch our NYCC Roundtable Interviews with the Cast of TELL ME A STORY

‘The Vampire Diaries’ alum Paul Wesley and other cast members of TELL ME A STORY dish on what fairy tales are being turned dark.

Danielle Campbell and Paul Wesley may no longer be supernatural, but they aren”t quite so ready to leave the fantastical world behind. Joining their fellow Tell Me a Story costars, these Vampire Diaries alumni will be bringing a few fairy tales to the Big Apple. But they’re not exactly the Disney fairy tales that we grew up on.

So according to the cast, that was the exact reason they wanted to be a part of this project, or well, at least, most of them. Billy Magnussen (Netflix’s Maniac, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) had another take:

Any show that I can be on where James Wolk and Paul Wesley take off their shirt, I feel good about.

Totally in jest of course!! Campbell later explained that when she first got approached with this show, she found the concept riveting. She really enjoys how at the core of this show is the struggle of doing your best with the situations you’re given, however crazy they may be.

Then the table got a bit distracted as we tried to figure out what exactly constituted as a fairy tale versus folklore versus myths and legends. In the end, we had to rely on our good old friend Google to help put this debate to rest. Otherwise our table would have turned into a game of fairytale, myth or legend rather than an interview.

I didn’t realize how dark fairy tales were. I didn’t really know much about fairy tales, I know as much as the average person. Then started reading up on them after I got the part. They’re really morbid and they’re really scary – Paul Wesley

But didn’t the Grimm Brothers take some folklore and then turned it […] see that’s where it gets confusing for me – Danielle Campbell

We quickly steered the conversation back to the show as we learned more about the characters and whether they plan to intersect the three separate storylines like other shows. With the great energy flowing between press and cast, we couldn’t help but notice a little bit of art imitating life. After all, we were in New York City speaking about a show set in the big apple. Show creator Kevin Williamson (Time After Time, The Vampire Diaries, Scream: The TV Series), sitting with Dania Ramirez (Once Upon a Time) explained:

You know, there may come a time in the second season or something where we take it to another city but New York City is such a character itself in this show. They’re all in different areas of New York City and different woods of New York. My goal would be every year take it to a different city and turn that into the new woods. Because it’s the woods of life basically.


Before our time with these lovely people were over, we just had to ask them about their favorite fairy tales. There were a few surprise answers for sure. What’s your favorite fairy tale?

I keep saying Robin Hood and no one’s told me I’m wrong yet so I’m just going to go with that. I love that story and I don’t know whether it’s a fairy tale or a legend or both. But no one’s told me I’m wrong yet so I’m sticking with it – Danielle Campbell


Tell Me A Story Premieres on CBS All Access Halloween, October 31st.

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