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NYCC Interview: Roundtable with Jason Lewis from MIDNIGHT, TEXAS

Jason Lewis explains how his depiction of Joe evolved over season one of MIDNIGHT, TEXAS.

Midnight, Texas is not your typical supernatural show and Jason Lewis doesn’t just play your stereotypical angel. Joe is an angel who has been on Earth for millennia. He lives with his half-demon husband, Chuy, and together they run Strong Angel. Though he tends to keep his power under wraps to keep a low profile, we saw just how powerful he truly was and learned that trouble was not quite over.

There will be some conflicts coming in. Joe you know spent a millennia hiding and I think that’s a great metaphor they gave my character in that when we deny our basica nature we deny who we’re suppose to be it festers and is going to come out in the wash. So now that Bow is gone, it’s time to do some laundry… yeah…

So as Lewis explained to us what this meant for the Midnighters in season two, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the storyline in this upcoming season has impacted the way Lewis approaches his character.

It does. That’s definitely one of the things about television. You know you take your stab at what you think things are going to be and then you’re given the script. I did a lot of deep diving and backstory writing and stuff, trying to imagine what would motivate this character to leave the fold and make a chance […] run away with a half-demon.

So I really explored what it means for Joe to be in this world, where’s his interest in humanity […] because I kind of had gone to those places already i had a lot of room to be flexible but i think i picked well in that it really is a struggle against your own cynicism. So I haven’t had really big course changes, just minor ones.

Midnight, Texas premieres on NBC October 26 at 9/8c


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