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NYCC Interview: Roundtable with Madeleine Mantock from CHARMED

Madeleine Mantock shares what she loves most about filming the CW series reboot CHARMED.

In our last New York Comic Con roundtable, we learned that Madeleine Mantock was lucky enough to be presented her Charmed role. Having appeared in a previous CW show called The Tomorrow People, Mantock explained how a former executive producer from that show later called her to offer her this new role on the new adaptation of Charmed.

For the first time they were attracted to me. One of the writers on Tomorrow People is now an EP on Jane the Virgin and when they were looking for their Macy, he was like you should consider Macy. So I owe a huge thanks to Micah Schraft.

Quite the lucky break. But you may be surprised to learn that Mantock’s character was not actually in the older show. Created by the writers in an effort to bring this 90s show into the 2000s, Mantock’s Macy appears, quite literally, on the doorsteps of the Vera sisters’ house.

Although you may be interested to hear that Macy Vaughn is not your average witch. In fact, she’s actually a geneticist who’s incredibly curious about the inner workings of how magic exists.

I really enjoy that because I think it’s nice to have someone embracing it but also be like how is this a thing? What’s the logical explanation? So it’s fun to be that person. And every now and again, in the episodes, we’ll have whether it’s a demon or a bit of a demon or a sample of goo that Macy’s able to get her hands on and sample on. It’s fun to tie in those things where you can go, well it has this component and in the real world, this component reacts to this so if we use enough of it, we may be able to get rid of it.

Although Mel is quite dismissive and wary of this surprise arrival, she slowly warms up to Macy by the end of the pilot. But with how fast the sisters got thrust into this world of magic, I feel like she didn’t really have much choice but to accept Macy as their sister. And so I decided to bring this up with Mantock who told us that just because she’s there with the other two doesn’t mean that she will automatically feel included and accepted.

There’s a definite struggle. Both in terms of the initial dynamic of being a friend and a sister to these new people. And also within herself, figuring out she’s a witch and trying to fit into this family. She definitely kind of feels like she doesn’t really have a choice […] but yeah there’s definitely a lot of fun action moments actually that are some of my favorites to play especially between mine and Melonie’s character […] but those are my favorite scenes to

Charmed is now airing on The CW every Sunday 9/8c

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