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NYCC Interview: Roundtable with Melonie Diaz from CHARMED

Melonie Diaz explains how she relates to her character in the CW series reboot CHARMED.

If we had any question whether we’d be watching a modernized reboot or simply a revival of a 90s favorite, we sure got our answer in the first half of the Charmed pilot. Melonie Diaz‘s character, Mel Vera, is in fact a lesbian and we are graced with an intimate scene between her and her girlfriend.

So naturally we had to discuss with Diaz about the importance of this decision.

It feels really cool that the creators and I, we’re making a really conscious decision to never talk about her being lesbian. It’s not an issue, like she’s a woman who loves another woman and she’s a human being and a witch […] like it should be normal.

During the panel, we watched the pilot and learned that Diaz also shared some similar traits to her character. Although Diaz says that “Mel may be a bit more aggressive than she [is]”. When we asked her to expand on this train of thought, Diaz explained that despite being an activist herself, she doesn’t typically go to the extent that Mel does in the show to express her opinions.

I’m pretty passionate and strong willed like Mel is. I feel like Mel is a little more angry than I am, like I’m a little more low key but I also feel like I love really deeply.


This then made me curious about the anger that she was harboring before realizing that it was inhibiting her powers. With only a minute or so left in our roundtable, I quickly brought this up to Diaz, asking her if Mel’s anger will cause any future tension or friction between the sisters.

No, I think after the pilot she understands that and of course they’re baby witches so they don’t really know exactly what they’re doing. I’m still learning like “how long can I freeze time for, how far can I freeze time? There’s all these little elements that me Melonie is learning and also Mel is learning as well.

Charmed is now airing on The CW every Sunday 9/8c

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