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NYCC Interview: Roundtable with MIDNIGHT, TEXAS Writer Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris praises the work of the MIDNIGHT, TEXAS cast and crew and mentions her few cameos.

Of course, we couldn’t do a Midnight, Texas roundtable without talking to the mastermind behind the whole world, Charlaine Harris herself. And what a joy it was to speak with her.

We covered everything from where she finds the inspiration for her books to how she stays passionate and avoids becoming a control freak when production crews turn her books to visual adaptations. We even covered a little bit about her minor acting cameos.

Here are just a few highlights of our conversation together.

Staying Inspired

I just don’t think about it. Once you’ve had success, people are always going to be interested in recreating that success, so they’re gonna pay more attention to your work. But I don’t write thinking about … I just can’t. I have to write the best book that I can.

Trusting the Production Crew

I’ve gotten much calmer about the whole thing. When I first had to do an event wit hthe True Blood cast, I’ve never met any actual actors before and now I’ve met so many of them. So it’s been… I’m really, I’m just very zen about the whole thing.

Her Cameos

I’ve been in True Blood a couple of times, I’ve been in the Hallmark show once, I’d be glad to do it if the occasion arises but I’m not fixated on it.

Why Her Books Make Such Great TV Shows

I really like the fact that my characters are grounded in reality. They all have bills pay, they all have things to worry about whether it’s doing laundry or getting their earnings replaced or just surviving from day to day. And I like to think that the combination of reality and the fantastic may be what makes my work appealing for adaptation.

Midnight, Texas premieres on NBC October 26 at 9/8c


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