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NYCC Interview: Roundtable with Sarah Jeffery from CHARMED

Sarah Jeffery shares why she found filming the magic scenes in CHARMED to be the most challenging.

As our time at New York Comic Con slowly came to an end, we rounded out our Sunday afternoon with a Charmed roundtable. We learned that  Sarah Jeffery’s Maggie is Jeffery’s first ‘real’ role. So we began the roundtable by asking to hear just how much this role means to her.

I’m very used to planing the sidekick or the friend so the few opportunities that I’ve had to be a lead have been really special. And I think it’s important to see every kind of person in a leading position and to see yourself represented.

In the pilot, we got introduced to the two sisters and watched as they started off the episode a bit at odds with one another Differing in interests, Maggie in rushing a sorority and Mel in protesting for equal rights, I found myself wondering whether this would hurt their ability to work together later in the show. But after their mom’s untimely death and the sudden access of their magic, it looks like the girls really have no choice but to put their differences behind them and start working together. After all, they are the charmed ones and the world is depending on them.

The thing I enjoy about this show is that it’s a real sisterly dynamic. You’ll see them butt heads but you also see them love each other unconditionally. And I think the mother’s death is something that tears them apart but brings them together at the same time.

Jeffery’s response made me really sit back and think. To suddenly find yourself thrust into a world full of magic with zero prior knowledge must be incredibly daunting and overwhelming. Even more so when you’ve got a power like Maggie’s where you can hear other people’s thoughts. Sounds awfully intrusive. When we brought this up, Jeffrey couldn’t help be agree.

It’s very interesting in terms of being able to control what you hear and when you want to hear something and what you do with that information because it’s definitely shown up as you’ll see in following episodes in very inopportune times which can be quite humorous but also kind of devastating for her.

Charmed is now airing on The CW every Sunday 9/8c

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