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NYCC Interview: Aria Shahghasemi & Quincy Fouse from LEGACIES

Aria Shahghasemi and Quincy Fouse teases what we’ll see from their characters in thew new CW series LEGACIES.

We were first introduced to Aria Shahghasemi‘s character in The Originals as Landon, aka Hope’s love interest. As we enter this new generation in Legacies, we learn that Landon will struggle to reconcile what he thought about the world versus what he learns after getting involved with Hope.

As for Quincy Fouse, we know he plays a vampire. That’s really about it. So we wanted to learn more and asked Shahghasemi and Fouse if they could tease a bit about their characters for us.

Milton really wants a home in people. That’s a really big thing for him. I think being a young person transitioning into learning what a vampire is, there’s a lot of things you leave behind so yes the romance does play a small part but I think he really just wants to find a home – Quincy

I actually don’t know anything about my character at the moment and I’m the type of guy who likes to go into things knowing everything. But it’s also like Landon doesn’t really know, so it works, kind of – Aria

Although we tried asking for any insight into potential love triangles, drama, or supernatural fights,  they weren’t able to share too much about their storylines or what we could expect to see from their characters. So instead we talked about how Fouse and Shahghasemi found the process in portraying these characters – whether it was challenging or whether it’s been a walk in the park.

The hardest part of playing Landon is probably trying to find the honest reactions to finding out about these kind of thing. That’s probably the only real challenging thing about Landon considering he’s a pretty similar guy too me.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get the answers to our other questions.

Legacies premieres this Thursday at 9/8c on The CW

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